Why I Did Smart Lipo - Lakewood, WA

I did the smart lipo because i wan to reduce the...

i did the smart lipo because i wan to reduce the fat in my stomach and love handles, the procedure too about 8 hours to complete. my stomach is swollen and hard and is very painful it is now 8 days since i had it done, the con it is good if you can handle the pain it is very painful after the procedures and uncomfortaable my stomach feels worse than it was before and no sign of relief. The con only if you want to handle the pain and discomfort that i would not advise any one to do it. they come up with a better way of removing fat from the body with out such terrible pain afterwords

8 hours seems like a very long time. I wonder why is took the DR so long.

How much Fat was removed?

You will still be sore for quite a while. It is going to take some time to see the final results, but hang in there...it gets better.

Hi smellie52 -- Welcome to RealSelf! Thanks for sharing your SmartLipo experience. How are you feeling today? I hope you start to feel better soon. :)

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