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Awesome Doctor - Lakewood, CO

I had a cleft on the end of my nose and hated how...

I had a cleft on the end of my nose and hated how it looked plus i had a hump in my bridge which made my nose very masculine looking.

Dr Steven Goldstein
who was your surgeon? Glad you liked your results!

Sounds like your doctor went above and beyond. Did you mean that you were extra anxious to see your results because of the way your surgery turned out 7 years ago?

Englewood Plastic Surgeon

He is an awsome surgeon and his dedication to his patients is above and beyond. I had a rhinoplasty about 7 years ago and i was very anxious to see my results and removed my bandage and realized i could not get it back on correctly so i called his answering service and they paged him on a Sat night and he drove all the way to his office at 9pm to but it back on for me instead of making me wait the weekend which could have dramatically changed my results had it not been properly bandaged.

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