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MiraDry for Underarm Odor- So Very Worth It! Life Changing! - Littleton, CO

I have had excessive underarm odor since before...

I have had excessive underarm odor since before puberty, but not excessive sweat. I carried deodorant everywhere (car,purse, office) and would reapply several times a day. I couldn't wear clothes that came anywhere close to my armpits or they would be ruined by smell. I had MiraDry done twice, three months apart. The first time helped 90% of the way, and the second wiped out odor. It has been life changing (corny, I know). I can wear more formfitting clothes, like t-shirts (at age 38)! I am no longer self conscious when raising my arms in a presentation or conversation. It is amazing. The downside is the cost and pain. It was $3K for both treatments, which seems to be standard. The shots to numb the area were not bad, but I had pain and swelling to the elbow for four months after the second treatment. I also had some significant burns from the laser that scarred. Still, if odor truly bothers you every day, and you understand the desperation to find anything that will help, it is so very worth it. If it is only occasionally bothers you, it is probably not worth the cost and pain.

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One year later

A year after my treatments, I am still odor-free! I will mention that I have only a small handful of hair left in my armpits. As a woman, this is great, but men may find this embarrassing. It is spotty, so needs to be shaved to not look mangy.


What level did you have done?
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I had the standard level done, which I think is two. I would not have gone higher, as I ended up with quite a few burns on the lower setting.
Thank you for sharing your treatment experience with the community.  Glad to hear everything turned out so well for you.  
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