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Well I've been getting botox for years, and have...

Well I've been getting botox for years, and have always loved the results. Some doctors would do a freeze look on me, (no movement). I loved it, but people could tell I had something done. Then, I went to my current doctor, and he puts a little here, a little there and it's always amazing.

His prices are so reasonable that I could afford Radiesse. The first time he used one large syringe and it hurt so bad. The results were beautiful!!!! However, the lines came back a week later. I went back for another injection, but only a small one one needed. Again, the results were beautiful. The lines came back, but not as noticeable a week later. I went today and he instructed me to wait another month because Radiesse helps the body to produce more collengine.

So, I have an appointment in 4 weeks. It will cost around 350 dollars because he will only use a small syringe. I would suggest this product, but I haven't tried any others. I would like the lines to stay away and not come back after the first week. So, I may need to try another product. I will update again next month.


Hello guys today is my first time I read about this product call Radiesse and it sounds good if is true that it can last more than a year. I have use botox.Resteline and other products but only last 6 months or less. It is to expesive to keep it up and in this VA State everything is way to expensive. I just had my own fat injected to my face. It has been 15dayd but one side of my face looks great the other looks weird. I am going to my doctor on Monday 7th I hope he can fix it. I paid 1,630. Look into fat injections I feel is the best because is our own body fat.
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Hi Austin,

Welcome to the Radiesse community. I'm glad your procedure went so well. How long had you been thinking about getting this done, and where on your body did you have it done? We would love for you to keep us updated for your next appointment and if you have pictures to share we would love to see them.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Find a doctor that doesn't over charge. 9. 50 cents a unit for botox is all one should pay EVER. Just do your research you'll find someone. Make sure it's a doctor and not some intern. Also make sure the educate you on the product and offer ice for swelling. If they do this your in good hands :)

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