Unhappy with Affirm Co2 Laser Skin Renewal for Sun Damage - Lakeland, TN

I am 44 yr old with sun damage from tanning beds...

I am 44 yr old with sun damage from tanning beds.The nurse informed me of the Affirm Co2 laser for sun damage.I was given a brochure and talked with 2 other associates that had the same Co2.It was explained to me by everyone that the recovery time was 1 week.I would see outstanding results shortly after the procedure that would only improve over the next 6 mths.This was a one time procedure that would reduce wrinkles, tighten loose skin, improve sun damaged skin, any many other results.

Unhappy with my skin @ 4 wks out.This procedure has brought to the surface many moles and skin tags.I was told these moles/skin tags were under the surface of my skin and might go away as my skin heals.Then put on Obagi skin care. Now my face is extra red, irritated and peeling.Will my skin ever be normal again?


I'm really sorry you are still dealing with this, but glad you are working with a dermatologist to get it hopefully figured out. I looked in our Q&A section to see if there was more information from one of the doctors, but unfortunately there wasn't. You might want to post a question about what happened to you so others know there could be these side effects. Please keep me informed of how your progress goes, I hope it turns out OK for you.

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I am very unhappy with the Affirm CO2 Laser. Please know that I only received one treatment. That is all that was offered and I was told it would be about one year before I could have another treatment. This laser resurfacing that was suppose to make me look "10 years younger" almost destroyed my skin. I am working with a dermatologist to remove skin tags and moles that surfaced after the procedure. This even happened to my hands!! I have not seen any skin tightening, no fine lines have faded, area of small pit like scars on right side of face and left side of chin, overall condition of skin worse. Wish I could go back and never have gone thru with the skin resurfacing. I am using good skincare products and will only work with my dermatologist from this point forward. He thinks over time we can remove alot of the skin tags and moles. However the damage can not be undone. My prayer is that it doesn't get worse over the years. Why some people get a very positive result and others very negative is a mystery to me.


It's now been about 4 months since you had your last treatment, any changes/updates? Good/bad?


Follow up on Affirm Co2 Laser is still NEGATIVE!...

Follow up on Affirm Co2 Laser is still NEGATIVE! Noticing more scarring than ever and skin is uneven and bumpy looking. Did not receive any of the results in the brochure or discussed in the pre-treatment appointments. No improvement with hands and have had several basal cell carcinomas removed. I wear sunscreen everyday all year long.

Yes, I have booked my procedure date on June 19th. Have you met Dr. Brett Campfield? Im actually writting a review of my full experience. I've seen someone who has gotten this procedure done by him & they looked great. I'm kinda nervous after reading your review. Have you seem any improvement in your skin? Thank you for taking the time to respond.
Renewmesoon, yes at Laser Aesthetics Body & Wellness on Hwy 64 in Lakeland Tn. I don't know anyone who has received that procedure. Is this something you are considering?
Hello RKB, did you get your Affirm procedure done at laser aesthetics body & wellness? If so, do you know anyone who has gotten the smart lipo procedure at that location?

My hope is that anyone considering this procedure...

My hope is that anyone considering this procedure would do extensive research. Please go to a reputable dermatologist. My skin is so damaged that I feel like a monster. I'll never be the same again.

I'm left with scars, many wrinkles, redness, lots of moles that have surfaced on my face and hands, skin cancers removed from my hands, uneven skin, skin thickness in areas and thin in other areas.

I have had a terrible experience with erbium and Co2 laser. Bumps, scars, dents, fat loss is really serious and I don't know what to do? Please help. Very Anxious

I just read all the comments.... I believe there is absolute hope for you even though it's been a while since your procedure. I have seen extremes being an aesthetician 23 years ... Having had to correct contraindications that were unexpected.. This isn't the norm for sure... I am confident that this can be helped. certainly doing progressive peels integrating microdermabrasion and a cocktail of acids can make a difference... I would not stay on Obaji past 6 months. Find a healing and repairitive line with strong retinol and hydration... Growth factors are amazing in the process of building the skin back up and for healing... After getting a few peels do some deem filler the lifting from that will help with the appearance of scarring.. I pray this turns around 100%
I'm sorry you experienced this. You should have been per treated with progressive peels probably followed by a few photo facials them considered for the co2. This would have been prevented if you had used proper postcare ... I'm amazed at the people that begin laser big bang before ever beginning a program of long term goals with explanation.. I wish I could see a pic... Angelaburch69@yahoo.com
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I do not feel the Affirm Co2 laser results were properly explained. The total price given did not include hundreds of dollars in products needed after procedure.

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