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I currently have scheduled to have a bi lateral...

I currently have scheduled to have a bi lateral mastopexy, double implant removal, reconstruction and lift. I have had implants since 2002. I am so ready for them to come out. My left implant has capsulized and causes a lot of pain. Currently my breast are very heavy and I measure a size 38G. My goal is to get down to a C. I will be posting pics of my journey. Stay tuned.
Have you had your surgery yet? My Breast-lift-reduction was 2/12/2104 I am in the healing faze... Went from some big girls 34G I think I'll end up a large C-cup LOVING my smaller B@@bs .....let me know how you are doing ((hugs)) (((Smaller Jugs))). LOL LiveLoveBelieve
Best of luck
Congrats on your upcoming surgery :-)
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Dr. Stark was great in answering all of my questions during consultation. He ordered me to have a mammogram, EXG and lab work prior to surgery to make sure I am healthy and also I have to get medical clearance from my regular physician. I think it makes sense to have this done and help the Dr know me better so that he can do the best. He assured me I will feel much better.

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