Poor Results from Lipo to my Arms, Stomach, Inner & Outer Thighs

I had lipo to my arms,stomach,inner&outer...

i had lipo to my arms,stomach,inner&outer thighs. and knees 3 months ago. so far i have lost only 1 inch on my thighs,1/2inch on my arms,i inch on my hips, and nothing on my knees.

i have asked my surgeon what is usual and he keeps evading my questions. i was 150 lbs. prior to surgery and 5'3 tall, with a very pear shaped body. after $8500 i was hoping for better results.

i now have an ugly adhesion under my left arm, and several very hard fat pockets in various place where lipo was done. i am now going for velashape treatments. i wanted to be able to look better in my jeans and bathing suit.

could someone tell me what to expect or do?
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office staff very professional. extensive follow-up visits.

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I am 13 days post lipo. I am 5'3 and weighed 155 before surgery. I got my abdomen and flanks done. I am now 145 and so far I am staying positive. I have taken off my compression garment because it is so annoying. I've just been wearing control top pantyhose. I think I was looking for some instant results but I'm going to try my best to be patient. Maybe u should work out 3-4 times a week and count calories too. Just a thought...
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maybe he melted the fat but didn't suction it out ..it looks like that is what happened to me :(
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