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This is the 2nd time I did Juvederm. The 1st time...

This is the 2nd time I did Juvederm. The 1st time was in my cheeks which makes bumps but they go away after a couple of days. The 2nd time I did the cheeks again but I also added some juvederm between my eyebrows to take care of the folds. This was a major mistake. The cheeks did not bother me, but between the eyebrows caused me to have a very bad infection which causes me to have knife-like pains in back of my ears and in my ears and head. I have called the FDA to report that this product should never be used in this area between the eyebrows. For 3 days, I have been having pains and I have been taking antibiotic and pain pills. I do not think I will ever do Juvederm again.

I am also in south Florida and experiencing pain from juvederm. Can you send me the name of the doctor who is currently treating you?

Hi I too had juvederm injected between the eyebrows and cheeks,last august,i am so ill now in hospital because of such severe symptoms of juvederm ultra 2.I have memory loss nausea vomiting diahorea 4 stone weight loss I cannot climb a flight of stairs 24 hour burning in eyes forehead and brain I havent slept a night in 7 months I am so weak my73 year old mother is looking after me I am out of breath with feelingsof suffocation in,my brain I feel like I am dying but all tests ate negative,this is dangerous stuff it is also in my eyes but it cant be seen on standard tests.


Hi Miramar, 

Thank you for the review. Oh my! I can't believe you had such a bad reaction that you got an infection. Have you been back to your doctor, and asked him what happened? You also might want to check out the answers to our doctor Q&A, How Do I Know if I Had an Allergic Reaction, hopefully it will help. Please keep us updated and welcome to the Juvederm community.



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