TT & Hysterectomy; Preop labs tomorrow. Wish me luck the last time we had to cxl surgery!!!!

I'm a 42 y/o mother of 3 who has been wanting a TT...

I'm a 42 y/o mother of 3 who has been wanting a TT for quite some time. After the decision to undergo a hysterectomy last month, I discussed the desire to also have a TT since I was going under the knife. My GYN recommended a PS and I researched a few on my own. I decided on Dr. Johnston due to his credentials, experience, references, friendliness, honesty, mannerism, and office staff. Decision was made 6/18 and surgery was scheduled and balance paid 6/26. Due to a prior engagement my pre-op testing was the day prior to surgery (today). I found out this evening that my potassium level is too low and the anesthesiologist cancelled the surgery. My GYN and PS called me, along with the hospital nurse. They were both very apologetic. The PS stated he will work after hours if needed by the GYN when my labs are okay to proceed. My surgery will be a scheduling priority. Now I have to increase these levels in order to reschedule. I'm so ready to be rid of Saggy Sue. I guess the wait game starts all over (sigh). Guess I'll continue taking Arnica and Bromelain and hope for the best.

Well, I was told today that the earliest available...

Well, I was told today that the earliest available date to have my surgery is 7/31/12. No matter how disappointed I am, I can't change what has happened. So, I'll return to work on Monday and work through 7/30/12. Wish me luck fellow TT's. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong and the surgery will take place on the 31st.
Thank you Kimmers25. My potassium levels were checked Monday and they are back within normal range. I still have my preop testing scheduled for the 24th, so I'm praying everything goes well and we are able to proceed on 7/31. :-)

Try to relax and know this is for the best right now.  Although it's frustrating you need to make sure you are in tip top shape with your blood work.   You need to be totally healthy so that you can make a good recovery without complications.

Your day will come and soon you will have your new tummy.  Hang on a while longer:)


I'm so nervous about my lab work tomorrow. I hope...

I'm so nervous about my lab work tomorrow. I hope my potassium levels are still up. Don't think I could stand another set back. Fingers crossed for the best!!!! :-)
Well I still have my drains but that isn't so bad. I still have a lot of swelling and gas pain. Other than this, I am ok. Looking forward to getting the drains out. I still don't know I will be flat, but I do know I don't have the flap.
How did your surgery go Mrs. TT? I am finally over the "bad" days I think. Just some swelling and mild discomfort if I do to much or each the wrong food.
It went well. With the exception of some swelling and pain when I forget I had surgery last week, I'm great. I didnt need the drains for too long so that was an added bonus. How is everything with you? Happy to be on the flat side?
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