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Preop care was minimal. the consult was done by a...

preop care was minimal. the consult was done by a consultant not a doctor or nurse. she showed me pictures of patients that were not their own.she told me they would be able to get rid of my back fat and i wasnt nearly as big as the woman in the pictures.all of this would not have bothered me if the results were decent. there is a small improvement in my arms but nothing on my back.the procedure was very painful and i even started crying during the suctioning. there was a problem with the machine and we started 2 hours late thats probably why the numbing medication wore off and i felt so much pain.

the doctor had some medical issues and wasnt able to see me until 2 months post-op. they never called me to schedule an appt even though they said they would. when i tried to explain that i was disappointed with the results the doctor just told me to give it more time.


How much time has passed since the procedure? I ask because it normally takes about 7 months to see the full results from liposuction.
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it has been 11 weeks since my procedure and while im aware that there may still be some improvement in the future 2 board certified plastic surgeons said that they doubt i will see any improvement because the doctor didnt take out enough fat to begin with. after 11 weeks there should be some visible difference.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sorry to hear you aren't happy with your results. Did the doctor tell you how much fat he removed?

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