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At 22 I Am Finally Loving my Teeth - Lake Mary, FL

I Love my invisalign, I have been dying to get my...

I Love my invisalign, I have been dying to get my teeth fixed my whole life and as an adult I did not want metal braces. When I first got them put in it was really painful, but as the weeks have come it has become eaisier to bare. i am currently on try 15 of 44, i know this seems like a long time but i have already seen a huge improvement. This was a great investment for me. Advise: you will get used to them in no time. change your trays at night. soak them in order to keep them clean. and always carry oragel!


yes I wish I knew who the dentist was!! I'm looking for one in Lake Mary too and this price seems extremely reasonable!

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Please let me know who is your dentist in Lake Mary area... Thanks!

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I'm so glad you decided to do this for yourself - and you are over 1/3 of the way done!!

What were the main corrections you were wanting to see in your teeth?

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