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Did not get the results I wanted at all. Was...

Did not get the results I wanted at all. Was promised this is what I needed to fix my wrinkles and aging skin and it left me feeling worse about my looks then when I started. I have burns and permanent scarring. The staff was very uninformed and non accommodating to my needs. My messages and calls were never answered and I feel my money was taken and then no one cared about me.
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Sorry about the awful results you experienced. I had my peels performed in Altamonte Springs, but live in Osceola County. Which peel did you have done? I had 1 VI Peel with no results other than some flaky skin around my nasal area and 3 Dermaceutic Spot Peels for melasma with good results, not perfect or permanent, but good.
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I'm so sorry to hear you feel you are worse off now than before the peel. :( Have you been in contact with a dermatologist or your regular doctor to find out what might be able to be done to help heal your skin?

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