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I've done laser hair removal for years but I'm...

I've done laser hair removal for years but I'm going to a different estitichian to see if I will have better results . My hair removal works but it seems to come back in different areas . I'm getting refirme and that has been worth it. Has definitely tightened up my skin and decreased my lines . Just a little nervous because she is doing my last refirme next Saturday and said she can also do my laser hair removal that same day on my face . Has anyone else had this done ?


Thank you for sharing your review, I bet it's frustrating to continue to have hair regrowth after several years of treatments, how many approximately would you say you have had in total? What areas are you treating? 

Here is an FAQ regarding regrowth that may help you:

Feel free to Ask a Doctor on site regarding having both hair removal and ReFirme treatments at the same time. 

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I'm treating chin and upper lip but if had started to grow under my chin now too. My dermatologist says that the laser can't make hair grow I. Other areas but it seems like that's what's happening . I've been going for several years probly every six months, so 2 treatments a year. This is why I'm trying a new place
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