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After being told I would need 3 injections for...

After being told I would need 3 injections for $2850 to fill 2 marionette lines, and having them done, I was then told I would need 2 more for another $1900.

After my lower face turned an ink colored blue for 2 weeks, and once the swelling went down....THERE WAS NO DIFFERENCE. I never went back for the extra 2 injections.

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Disappointed in level of communication. Thought only 3 injections were needed, not 5.

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So sorry for your negative experience. I would definitely have a talk with your doctor. Are you scheduled for a follow-up?
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Please please tell us who your doctor was we need to know i need to know before I go forward with my artfill!
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Hi Kiddle,

Wow, your face turned blue, that's crazy. I wonder if this was more a doctor issue and less an Artefill issue. I've never heard of anyone turning blue. And than to see no difference is even worse. So sorry. Hope everything is feeling better now. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review, and happy Friday!


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I still have a blueish mark under my eye too, and it's been one month. My mom asked why I have dark circles under my eyes now. I hope it's bruising residue.
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My 1sr and only result with Artefill was just like yours. It swelled, and disappeared within just 12 days. It was $600 per injection and I did one injection under each eye totaling $1,200. I had bragged to all my friends that I heard it was such a great longer lasting product, then had to go back to my professional job with black bruised eyes, and absolutely no result. I never felt like I wasted so much money as with Artefill. I said on my story here on Real Self that I would never waste my money on Artefill again. The only way I'd try it would be for free, and that's not gonna happen. I feel so disappointed. My thoughts are this...even if it takes 2-3 injections as some have said ... who wants to wait all that time and worry if it will even work at all! I've only tried one other filler around my mouth comma's 3 yrs ago, Perlane. It appears to still be there after 3 yrs and that was a one time injection. Maybe I'll try perlane under my eyes:) Yes I know ... Dr's say use something thinner...but I want my product to last.
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