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I am at this very moment recovering from a...

I am at this very moment recovering from a facelift (along with upper eyelids and CO2 laser), and I look and feel GREAT. I look 10 years younger according to everyone who see and know me, and I FEEL 10 years younger as a result! Ha!


Did this price include anastesia and hopital room In NY you usually get chgarged for the anastegiologist and for the surgical room
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I am at my 1 month recovery. I had a facelift, browlift, upper eyelids, and CO2 laser work done, but only commented on the facelift when I wrote the review. Dr Sikorski is just a wonderful person and surgeon, and I've had several cosmetic surgeries in the past 11 years with her, and all have been easy and hugely successful. She prescribes med's that ensure there's little discomfort, no nausea or infections post surgery, and anti-anxiety med's if the patient needs it. I can't believe how good I look and feel at age 64 ... everyone I talk to who asks my age immediately wants her name and number!
Thanks for asking!
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Thanks so much for writing a review and sharing your experience, KP Beard. How far along are you in your recovery?

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Orange County Dermatologist

I have been going to Dr. S for 11 years for annual dermatology checks & treatments as well as cosmetic surgeries. Dr. S has always been wonderful to work with; she is an absolute master artist at her surgeries (including lipo), and I love her and her staff. The staff provide excellent pre and post-op instructions and are willing to go the extra mile with TLC. You are well-taken-care-of at this facility.

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