NO More Crooked Teeth

I am almost done with my 19 sets and about to go...

I am almost done with my 19 sets and about to go see if i need refinements but so far i love how my teeth look. i had really crooked bottom teeth and rotated molars and all in all they look beautiful and this is way easier then braces so i recommend this to everyone. I do have to say Placing the sets in at night takes most of the first few hours of pain away.


Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you just have bottom aligners or did you need corrections on the top as well? My bottom teeth could use some help but my top teeth aren't bad; I'm wondering if it looks silly to have only a bottom aligner. :)

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Dr. Shirin Moshrefi

She made me laugh and overall told me exactly everything that is happening to my teeth and the buttons. She also is a very pleasant all the time but never cheesy

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