Worth It, but the Long Term Side Effects Are Discouraging - Laguna Hills, CA

I have gone through many acne treatments, creams,...

I have gone through many acne treatments, creams, antibiotics, facial regimens, prescription cleansers, ointments, organic solutions you name it. Although most of the motivation to start accutane was my mother forcing me to try it, so I did. I took it for eight months and let me tell you, I had the worst mood swings and upsets I have ever had in my life! The only up side is that it cleared my skin. The only scary part now is waiting if I become apart of the class action lawsuit for long term use of accutane. If your acne is absolutely terrible, then try it. But if it is manageable and it only comes in break outs, stay away.

Its good to hear that you are pleased with your outcome. You mentioned your mother forced you to try it. Was that upsetting to you, or did you feel you needed some "motivation"? 

To be completely honest, it was upsetting because I thought I looked okay. I mean, my skin is great now but I still to this day think that there can be other reasons behind acne. Mine, now that I have been to many doctors, has been because I have PCOS. My doctor now contributes all my middle to high school issues to that.

Awe :( I'm sorry to hear it was upsetting. I can definitely understand and sympathize with that. Thanks for being honest with us about it.

I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago. I was told to stay on birth control pills to help with it. Has your doctor taken any other approaches to treatment? I'd love to know, because I still battle with acne.

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