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I'm 41 years old and have avoided tanning my...

I'm 41 years old and have avoided tanning my face for the last 15 years, but still wanted to do something that would improve the overall texture & clarity of my skin.

The procedure itself didn't hurt as much as I anticipated. What WAS extremely painful was how my skin felt immediately after the area was resurfaced. My face felt like the surface of the sun! Ice and a cool fan were all that helped eliminate the burning. I experienced swelling that lasted about 2 days and the redness (which looked like a severe sunburn) lasted about 4 days. It took 7-10 days for the rough/sand-papery texture of my skin to slough off.

A month later, I feel like it took a few years off my appearance and I've never had such smooth skin. I had previous IPL treatments which were great for improving tone, but was a little disappointed that Fraxel did little to nothing to minimize residual dark spots.

Overall, well worth the one treatment and will probably consider doing this every few years or so.


Who did you use in Lagrange?
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Hi Angela,

Well, although it didn't take off dark spots, at least you had a positive experience. And younger skin texture is always a plus. How long had you been thinking about having this procedure done? Please keep us updated and we would love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Britt, please separate the reviews for RESTORE from those for REPAIR. The two Fraxel systems are very different with very different results.
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