Amazing Results - Lago Vista, TX

Had bands around on neck virtually disappear-...

Had bands around on neck virtually disappear- fifth time one completely gone other almost gone..noticed fuller the tune of filler like Restylane, haven't had Restylane in over 2 years and lips are full after 2 visits!

Love this procedure :) Skin much firmer and have noticed less wrinkles.
Will continue using it, hoping to start treatment for cellulite this year.

Thanks for sharing! Im excited to get started, but Im trying to find a place with a reasonable cost! The place I visited in Houston asked 2800 for 4 treatments for full face and neck. Is this comparable to what you paid?
Did you find anywhere with a better price in Houston - we think some practitioners here are very expensive too

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

How did you find recovery from your procedure? Was there much downtime or pain?

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