Breast Augmentation 5 Years Ago, and on 2nd Pregnancy.. Possible Leakage..

Hello, I had a breast augmentation about 5 years...

Hello, I had a breast augmentation about 5 years ago and found out I was pregnant 4 months later. Everything was fine then, I had it implanted via belly button.

I'm now 8 month pregnant again, 4.5 years later and I noticed that my left breast has either deflated or the saline has leaked due to the comparison of size to my right breast.

1) Should I be concerned of removal because I'm 8 months pregnant? Prior to labor or after?

2) Has anyone else had this happen to them?

3) What do I do?


Whatever you do, don't go to Dr. Friedman, who has an office in Lafayette. He did my breasts initially a few years ago, and my entire patient experience has been a nightmare. I can't wait for this fabulous doctor in AZ to redo them (just scheduled surgery!). From the sound of it, with your implants through the belly button, you probably did go to him as well. He failed to tell us that going through the belly button VOIDS Mentor's warranty. Good Luck to you!!
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Hi, how did your procedure go in AZ?
Have not had this happy but I am so sorry for you. Breathe and know its okay. Go to your doctor and see what s/he can do without hurting your baby. You'll be okay. As my plastic surgeon said (I have salines) if they pop put a sock in there until we can fix it.
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Unsure because although it was via belly button. There was a ruptured nerve after the surgery, and the doctor had to remove the nerve. When my son was born, we noticed a with a missing nerve on his face which is causing a facial paralysis.

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