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Dr Motykie did my nose he didnt do anythinh that...

Dr Motykie did my nose
he didnt do anythinh that i paid for and gave me 1 year inflamation
i lost my smell sense
Bad Doctor !
his office stuff will never return u're calls after u pay
now no doctor want to take the risk in fixing his boched work
i has to pay $$$$$$$$$ for MRI and CT to check what he really put inside
i wish i never came to his office
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I too am a former patient of Dr. Motykies.... and I completely agree with your review and so do 4 other patients... yes 4... that have personally emailed me to discuss his bad results. I feel like I started my own support group for people of surgery with Dr. M. I did not have my nose done but rather breast and lipo performed by him and I have seeked revision for BOTH. Going to him is my worst regret to date!
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I am a former patient as well and he basically destroyed my life with botched liposuction and breast lift. Also, irregular fat grafting of face. I also found out he was using my pictures without my consent on his website. They are now taken down.
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I'm so scared now. I have an appointment scheduled with him for next month for fat grafting to my undereyes. How did yours come out bad, like to much fat?
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Hi victor. Would you please elaborate. I am going to get a primary rhinoplasty with dr m soon.
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I'm sorry you're not happy with your results. Inflammation/swelling can last up to a year in anyone who gets a rhinoplasty.

Would love to know more about how you weren't given what you paid for. What sort of change were you looking for and what did you get?

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