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Abs, Love Handles, Flanks, Thighs... Review in Progress

After lurking on the board reading other people's...

After lurking on the board reading other people's experiences and reviews, I got a little nervous about my SmartLipo procedure on March 31st. In the past, I had liposuction performed, on my inner and outer thighs and knees. I was unhappy with the results of my liposuction and had gained weight in my stomach and "muffin top". I was also unhappy with the scars left behind from my liposuction procedure that I had in 2003.

Fyi.. I am a 35 yo active female who has always had "problem" areas even though I am quite active. I am 5"4, 148 and wear a size 8.

I was very nervous about the procedure and asked for the strongest dosage of medicine, listened to my ipod and had to request for a towel to be placed over my eyes because I did not want to see any needles or blood. The doctor gave me some laughing gas in addition to my valium. I tried to take deep breaths, but still felt the quick sting of the initial incision. The incisions were made really quickly and the lidocaine was inserted quickly. This was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure for me. The lasering of the fat felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage. Near the end of the procedure, I did feel a lot more pain when the incisions were being made. I assume it was because my medication was starting to wear off. However, my doctor was great and would stop immediately when I did wince or complain of pain.

I drove 2 hours from los angeles to la jolla with a friend. After the procedure, she drove me back to los angeles. I rested for 4 days and just lounged around the house. I felt stiff and admit that it was tough bending down to use the toilet. In addition, since I have passed out in the past after liposuction when I took off my garment, I actually wore my garment in the shower and washed myself with the garment on. When I was done showering. I l sat on the floor and took the garment and bandages off (just in case I might faint). No fainting this time around, but I did feel a slight burning sensation when the water hit the incision mark on my love handles.


Hi, am going for it 2moro..inner thighs..hope it going smooth..
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Hi. Thanks for all the info. Are you impressed by the results, yet? I am supposed to do smartlipo on my abs and inner thighs in a couple of months, but with people saying that they're not seeing results, I am scared that it will be a waste of money.
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Today is day 5 after I has laser lipo on my lower and upper stomach as well as my love handles around to the back. Let me start off with saying I am 5'4 120 lbs and have a nice shape. I just wanted alittle help with some stubborn pudge. I didnt get drosey or super relaxed from the meds the day of but I was comfortable. The shots did sting alittle but were tolerable. The actual procedure was tolderble as well. When I was all done, He wrapped a foam compression thing around my waste and put me into my step 1 garmet. He also stuffed maxi pads under my garment over the incisions. I went home and felt fine, still pretty numb though. The next morning, was oh my god horrible. When I got out of bed, it hurt and burned so bad. I slowly made my way down stairs to the kitchen to take my meds and started shaking, got dizzy and even fell on the floor. The pain was bad. I laid in bed and on the couch the rest of the day. Vicodine did not seem to help. The pain was mostly when I moved. I could not bend or even sit, just laid down. I took the maxi pads out and there was only a drop of blood, so my bleeding was minimal. Lots of pain and burning sensations the next few days. Today I can at least walk just slowly and carefully. I can not tell what anyting looks like bc I still have my stage 1 garmet on, which gets switched to stage 2 tomorrow. I have 8 incisions which I am really hoping fade nicely. I am very nervous since so many people say they had no results or bad results. I do not get it, if you have fat taken out of you, how do you not look slimer? I will post pics as soon as I can take some. For now its just a waiting game. I would love to chat with anyone who had similar done and compare or if you have questions prior to your procedure. I dont know how people can say they had no pain and went to work the next day, really I dont. Even though I didnt have much to take away, he took about 2200 cc of fat and liquid and said that most people do not have so much done at once...Time will tell
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