Facial Fat Transfer to Marionette Lines

I had facial fat transfer to the marionette lines...

I had facial fat transfer to the marionette lines on my face about two months ago. So far the results look good. As the swelling subsided there ended up being a large bulge on the bottom of my left cheek in the lower jaw area the size of a quarter and a blob on the inside of my mouth on the bottom gum. The area noticeably bulged out and the result was quite shocking.

I gently massaged the fat blob on my gum a few times a day. The bulge along my jaw was accessible on both sides of my cheek so I gently use my thumb and forefinger and massaged it on the outside and inside of my cheek/mouth. I did this a few times a day for only about five minutes each time. I felt a small tight knot break up during the process but could feel it was not part of the major fat graft in the marionette lines.

Several weeks have passed and the result is as I desired and there is no asymmetry. I don’t think it found another blood supply and my face looks the same as it did only fuller and more youthful.

My treatment experience was positve. I was extrememely reluctant given the things I have read and actually seen with my own eyes from friends and family who have had the procedure. The bruising lasted a lot longer than I thought it would and the swelling really takes a long time before the final result is apparent.

I was wondering where the fat went that I broke up. I do not just mean the small amount of fat I manipulated but the fat in a fat transfer when it is broken up and not removed by any other means. I hear that it is absorbed by the body but what does that mean? Where did it go or attach? Thank you.
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My doctor was able to attain the result we strived for with no complications or disappointment.

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I am very confused about controversy seems to be about fat transfer. Fortunately, unlike silikon, it is not about safety but seems to be about whether it will last or just dissolve like the cheaper fillers such as the hyuralic acid types. Would stem cells make the difference in what one doc here summed it up saying it is essentially "dead fat" What are the variables as to why it works great and other times not so?
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Thank you for responding to my question. Although I was pleased with my facial fat grafting I admit it is not for everyone. I may not have been a good candidate. I am extremely athletic and maintain a strict cardiovascular routine. Much of my fat graft seems to have...melted? Perhaps this is because most women tend to lose weight from the top down. Or, better yet; weight lose is usually more apparent in the face.
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Question: Facial fat transfer to marionette lines.

Answer: I am not a big fan of fat transfer for marionette lines. It is a procedure that takes time and can produce significant bruising and swelling. In most cases, the fat is not permanent. It is so much easier to put a good filler or series of fillers into the marionette lines. There are many excellent fillers available and, in general, the results are excellent.

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