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I'm finally having my Tummy Tuck on Feb. 10th!...

I'm finally having my Tummy Tuck on Feb. 10th! I was scheduled for my TT in August of 2006, but it wasn't meant to be. As I was getting ready to "jump" on the operating table they said they had some good news or bad news for me...I was pregnant. They performed a pregnancy test just minutes before and it was positive! Oh my what now? I was 39 with a 12 yr old daughter and I had had 4 miscarriages and I never thought I would ever have another baby! Well we were blessed with a wonderful little boy. I can't imagine life with out him, he has brought so much to our lives!
Now why I wanted this TT so badly. 22 yrs ago My husband and I were in a very serious car accident. The seatbelt ruptured my colon. I had 4 surgeries a colostomy bag for 4 months and a very large vertical scar on my tummy. Over the years the fat on my tummy had settled in various places. I really couldn't wear tight shirts because you could see the indentions on my tummy. The last pregnancy did a number on my tummy as well. I tried really hard to eat right and exercise but what ever I did just didn't work.
I came across this blog and was so excited to read all of your stories. It has made this week go by very fast and I just can't wait!
By the way, the reason the price is so high is I'm also having liposuction on my hips and a breast augmentation. I'm not going big, I just want a little fuller look.

Dr Saltz

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Wow you have been though a lot in your life!   Now it's your time to get that body you have wanted for years.  One more day!!  I bet you are about ready to jump out of your skin with excitement.

Well I look forward to reading your posts during your process. 

I will be thinking of you and waiting to hear the post op update.
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Best wishes to you for your surgery and recovery! You've been through alot and will be so happy to get your tummy back. You are right, this is a wonderful and very helpful place to pass the time before and after the surgery.
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Congrats for doing this for you. You are only two days away. How are you feeling about it right now?
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