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Botox to Masseter Muscle - La Jolla, CA

Experience pretty good, injected near jaw...

Experience pretty good, injected near jaw line

Day of injection- no pain during injection- KEY IS TO ICE WHILE IN LOBBY, WHILE IN EXAM ROOM, immediately after injection, and exiting doc office! (My face was ice cold for radiesse injections!- didnt feel the prick of the needle)

2nd day- some mild soreness like returning from dental office after novacain injection
Waiting for end results= slimmer jaw line! :)

I always ice right away as well, and don't tend to bruise much, if at all, so I agree with you there. I think we also have to give credit to good injectors though, as it seems they can play a big role in the amount of bruising seen.

I know its only been a few days, but can you tell any difference yet??

My surgeon injected less than 30cc for both muscles (conservative approach)...I haven't noticed much change, then again, it's been less than a week, muscle atrophy takes a while for noticeable results, unlike botox to my forehead (immediate results, LOVE it! smoother porcelain looking forehead! :) ). Will be returning for another botox injection to the muscle in another month and probably ask for more cc.
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