33 Yrs Old.. 4 Kids 271lbs - La Habra, CA

I just talked to my doctor about this, but we both...

I just talked to my doctor about this, but we both are clueless ..he says he'll check into it and we'll go from there.. I have medi cal.. I have tried everything and exercise, all I can lose is 20-30 ..anyone can tell me what happens now? I always wanted to do this.. also which weight loss surgery is best..thank you



Can your doctor refer you to a bariatric surgeon, or can you look up your local bariatric surgeons and make an appointment?
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I had to completely cut out rice, bread, potatoes, platano, sweets, sugars. Super hard being Latina , but I've lost over 25 lbs and have never felt better. I bought a nutribullet and that's how I drinks tons of fruits and veggies. Good luck
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I would see if there are any weight loss centers and attend a seminar. You get a lot done there. They work with you on finding out whether insurance covers, and then on what the insurance requires if they do cover. I had to have four months of a doctor signing off that I was dieting, and had to attend a psychiatrists screening and see the nutritionists as well as attend two classes before I got my surgery date (which is this Wednesday, April 23rd!). You get the best results from gastric bypass, from what I'm told.
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