Okay, OUCH! - La Canada, CA

I had read the reviews of the procedure and was...

I had read the reviews of the procedure and was looking forward to getting the treatment yesterday. Some folks said it was painful and some not so much. My anxiety level began to rise when the practitioner started pushing Vicodin prior to the procedure. I declined opting rather for ibuprofin. When I was offered two squeeze balls and told I might need them, I started having second thoughts about the vicodin. By the time the procedure was halfway through I would have handed over my debit card and pin number is she had asked for it. I don't want to scare anyone from the procedure because I already feel that the result will be worth it. But be forwarned, if you don't have a fleshy face, it is very painful. Take the vicodin. Take two.

I'm excited for you as well! I have been on the fence regarding having it done and reading your blog reassures me. I live in Pasadena and would like to know who your doctor you used in La Canada is, if I may?
I used Radiacne Medical Group 707 Foothill Blvd. #2, 91011. I don't remember the docs name but a technician administered the therapy. Still very happy, by the way!!
that's Radiance Medical group. sorry...
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