The Count Down is on for my Tummy Tuck - 12th June 2012

Well the count down is on…..…I am a...

Well the count down is on…..…I am a 39 year old mother of two beautiful children (20 and 9), and I have had two c-sections. I am scheduled in for surgery on Tuesday 12th June in Kuala Lumpur, I am going through Gorgeous Getaways – I am really excited and also a little nervous. I have wanted a tummy tuck for some now but have struggled to find motivation to lose weight. Last year I decided enough was enough and started my life change…..I purchased bikes for the family, joined the gym and have lost 26kg in the past 7 months on my own– started at 104kg, now down to 78kg, and I aim to lose another 10kg before I have my tummy tuck. Also, because of the weight loss I have also started to get a turkey neck, I am also having this fixed at the same time….thank goodness! My mother is also coming to Kuala Lumpur with me and is having an arm lift done. I will post before pictures shortly.


congratulations on your decision! I had my TT on april 13 and all went well. Kuala Lumpur..many fond memories as I lived in Indonesia and singapore as a teenager. long ago...but good news..after my TT surgery i am now .looking a little closer to my old body of that time! The wait is the hardest me. when you see the results you will be thrilled. Keep us posted on your journey and recovery..we are all here for you and the ladies here a marvelous support. I hear ya about all you can think or talk about...we all did that! go for away..we are here to listen!
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Thank you so much for your kind words :) This site is fantastic, it's great reading other peoples journeys and tips! lol yes the wait will definitely be the hardest part......I can't wait to see the results, soooooo exciting! Great to hear you are happy with your TT results and nearly back to your old must be thrilled as it's such hard work.
Getting very excited......only a little over 4 weeks until I leave for Kuala Lumpur to have my TT :) woohoo the count down is on!!
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