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Dear readers, Your thoughts and insight of...

Dear readers, Your thoughts and insight of regarding my situation would consider more than an honor for me, because this situation is long overdue. a year and six months ago I had 2 processes of nasal augmentation; one being the revision of the initial surgery. my original nose was ethnically Asian; with extremely wide alar base and no outstanding tip or bridge. The first surgery went well (soft solicone augmentation+ alar base reduction), results were satisfyingly good. However 6-7 months later, the skin on the tip of my nose went significantly thinner and became a soft red color. To fix my problem, I underwent the second process which involves a dermis graft on the tip of the nose to reduce the redness and add more flesh. The problem is that again after 6-7 months, the same symptoms are showing (redness of top and thinning of skin) and I understand that it is due to the abrasion of the silicone against the Columella cartilages.

So my questions are:

1. What is the most effective way of fixing or treating the redness of the skin?

2. Would changing my silicone augmentation to a 'whole' nose cartilage graft help solve the problem? or only a tip cartilage revision would do the trick? Any sort of insight would be a kind privilege for me. Many thanks, Mr. N

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This is a complication by silicone implant, possibley by L-shaped implant pushing your tip skin.
The implant should be removed ane replaced by autogenous/homologous cartilage. The tip should be always managed with autogenous tissue, even though alloplastic material is used for the dorsum.
I recommend immediate reconstruction rather than waiting a year for revision.
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Unfortunately the silicone implant needs to be removed before it erodes through the skin. Once removed and your nose has healed find a revision rhinoplasty specialist for an evaluation to determine what your options are.
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Mr N: thank you for posting about this experience.  I've alerted a few facial plastic surgeons to your questions.  Hope they end up offering you some opinions/tips.  

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