Full Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery In Korea Successful

I had my surgery done in Korea about 6-7 weeks ago...

I had my surgery done in Korea about 6-7 weeks ago and had the full incisional method done due to lots of excess fat and skin. Although there was quite a bit of swelling and bruising as well as times where both eyes didn't seem symmetrical...patience in the slow healing process paid off and now have much bigger eyes as well as symmetrical folds. As it was the full incisional method, my eyes are still swollen to some degree...however the results so far have been impressive and will hopefully only get even better as it heals more!

Hey which doctor did you go to and how did you manage to communicate with the doctor? Or were you actually able to speak Korean?
How long was your holiday?
which clinic did you go to?
For those of you going to Korea, be wary. If a complication arises which can happen after any surgery then you are basically left alone. No other surgeons will mess with your eyelid surgery or give you advice in case a complication arises (some of them do if you pay them a lot) so suggest stay there for a full MONTH before leaving..
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