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I Want to Feel Happy About Myself

I recently had rhinoplasty, and now want to get my...

I recently had rhinoplasty, and now want to get my teeth fixed. They are crooked, and crowded.

I also have a gummy smile, and people have made fun of my teeth in the past. It makes me want to cry, and I hate having to smile in photos.

Still trying to find a dentist, there's one that I like so I might go with them.
Word of mouth dentistry

I have only been there for a checkup, but they are wonderful. Everyone was so nice.

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Hi, and welcome to the Invisalign community!  I went and looked at your rhinoplasty review and you are a beautiful, beautiful woman!  Even in your before pictures--your beauty is so classic.  But I suppose that, not knowing you, the new nose does fit your face better.  They managed to not make it look too generic, so it still looks regal.  I'm very impressed.

Anyway, I think your teeth are beautiful, too, but I love a certain kind of crooked teeth and if you don't, then it's annoying to have them!  I got Invisalign because I didn't have the particular kind of crooked teeth that I like, so I figured, may as well just get straight teeth ;).  Hopefully you'll find the Invisalign community here as supportive as rhinoplasty was.

If you have a few minutes, you can take a look at this forum post about people who are choosing to keep their crooked teeth.  It might make you feel better while you are trying to find a good doctor!!

I very much look forward to following your story!  Thank you so much for starting a review!!!!!
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