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I had cellulite on the backs of my legs and really...

I had cellulite on the backs of my legs and really wanted it off. I am a 30 year old, white, female, 5 7", 125lbs.

I literally see NO difference what so ever. This was a huge waste of money as it was a lot for me to spend but I was so upset about my cellulite I decided to save for it and finally like how I looked in shorts. 8 treatments later and $1800 and what a mistake! Please do not waste your money.


I am so shocked to hear this because all of our patients have LOVED it! Who knows maybe the technician didn't have proper training how to use it to be most effective. Sorry to hear that!
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Hi 6991,

Wow, 8 treatments with no results, that's crazy. Did you go back and ask them what happened? I can completely understand how you would be mad, I can't believe you did not see any results. I would love to hear what the doctor says. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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It just straight up does not work. I have waited for the results to kick in after I had eight treatments and I literally look the exact same.

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