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I first heard about Latisse while undergoing...

I first heard about Latisse while undergoing reconstruction after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I had completed my chemotherapy and was completely without either upper or lower eyelashes.

After using Latisse for only 3 1/2 weeks, my lashes had already grown enough to use a little mascara! I've been using Latisse for a little more than two months now and my eyelashes are as long and thick as they were before the chemotherapy.

This is really a great product!

I'm so happy for you! I just started using Latisse and it's been a whole week. I went from no lashes at all to little baby lashes. I can even were some mascara. I"m so excited to see my final results. :)
I asked my dr. for Latisse because I had a spot on each eyelid that had no eyelashes. My eyelashes have always been rather thin. After using Latisse for 3 weeks I noticed a remarkable change. Now several weeks into tretment, the results are amazing! I also use an eyeliner brush, and put a generous drop into the lid. This is enough solution for both eyes. I'm careful to clean the lid and the brush after each application. Their brushes are terrible and waste the product. But I LOVE the product, and would reccomend it to anyone who wants thicker longer lashes.
I also wish you a speedy recovery with complete remission. (Just started Latisse and hoping for the best...)
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