I Think I Have Damaged my Septoplasty

I had septoplasty because my nose got broke and i...

i had septoplasty because my nose got broke and i had a deviated septum and could not breath out of my left nostril it caused more problems than just nose trouble.

i had septoplasty 5 days ago and today my nose was hit again and my external splint came off and now my nose is bleeding badly i am due to go back to the doctor in 1 day i am concerned about this problem i have never felt this much pain also the inner part of my mouth in under my two front teeth is numb and has been how long will this last
Question:I think I have damaged my septoplasty. Answer: In my experience of many years in practice performing many nasal septoplasty and rhinoplasty surgical procedures, it is not too frequent for my patients to seek my attention because they bumped their nose postoperatively. It is extremely rare that this bump will destroy the results of a well performed septoplasty. After bumping the nose, bleeding, pain and numbness may result, but they are not indications of distorted the structure of the septoplasty. Although you can never be certain without having your nose examine by your surgeon, it is unlikely that you caused any significant damage to the work that was performed on your nose.

overall care was good and the hospital staff and in the office are excellant

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