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My experience with Chemical peel was pretty bad...

My experience with Chemical peel was pretty bad and i strongly suggest that you get it done only from a Doctor if you have to. I am an asian woman, with a complexion between fair and wheatish. Someone told me that chemical peels are great if you have acne scars, so i dashed to a spa, hoping i would be able to get rid of all these horrible acne marks.Little did i know that they would get worse. As soon as the treatment started, my face began to burn as if it was on fire. I tried to be calm for a minute or so, even the staff told me that some pain is natural, but i knew that something wasn't right. I couldn't take the pain any more and demanded that my face be cleaned immidiately. I rushed home and by evening, my face was full of red, scary blisters that looked like chicken pox. I was still in alot of pain and i washed my face again and again with ice cold water, even took a painkiller but it didnt help that much. After a few days my skin began to peel.It was not just peeling, but literally coming off. My skin became light and very sensitive and even washing my face and applying moisturizer was a hard task. After that, i started getting breakouts. My face becme worse and i was super depressed.My skin took a long time to heal and now, i just dont wish to get a chemical peel ever again.Maybe my skin was allergic to the chemicals, i don't know. My advice to you is that if you decide to go for a chemical peel, just make sure you go to a good doctor and weigh the pros and cons and if possible, even test for allergies. There might be a lot of people and spas out there that are not certified and if you have to get a chemical peel done, please go to a good reputed clinic instead. You might spend a little extra money, but atleast if you will be safer. Either which way, ladies, make sure you read all side effects, advantages and disadvantages before subjecting your face to harsh chemicals.
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I have to disagree with MARY above, when you receive a chemical peel of any sort, yes there can be some burning tingling warm or hot sensations, but not to the extent of what the lady who posted this comment recieved. I am a licensed Esthetician and very experienced in Facials, Skincare & Chemical Peels and she obvisously received a major chemical burn and possibly a allergy reaction to the product(s) used. So before you judge someone else with "I think you may over reacted to the pain" I think you need to do your research or understand from a professionals point of view what happened during that poor clients experience. She was NOT over reacting. Because one technician/esthetician decided it's wasn't important to have their needed education because they PUT CHEMICALS ON A PERSON"S SKIN one person is scarred, mentally, emotionally and physically!!
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Too bad, I think you may have over reacted to the "pain"-- we all have our threshold, but I do believe if you had informed your self prior to jumping in, you would have expected the "burning"-- and the fact that you demanded the removal of the solution was most likely the cause of your final appearance-- not theirs I highly suggest that you try it again, sit there, know that you will expect the "burning"--it is tolerable-- and worth it I, too , am an asian woman with lighter skin tones and I will go in every 18 months to have the TCA peel and when I am older, I will also have the phenol peel if needed,-- it is the BEST thing at rejuvenating the skin-- hands down try again-- it will clean up the mess you caused-- its worth it--
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