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I'm so nervous/excited about tomorrow. I've been...

I'm so nervous/excited about tomorrow. I've been wanting this for so long. After major weight loss I was left with lots of loose skin. I will be having a tummy tuck and also an arm lift. eekk. I can't wait to see the new me. It will be so refreshing to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. Losing weight is such a big accomplishment, but the extra skin can really be discouraging. I'm finally doing this for me, and I can't wait.


so you didn't go local you went to Illinois?
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I went to Kirkland Washington
Excited to hear how you're doing! Mine is in just a few weeks :-)
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I did it!!

It's so surreal, that I actually did it. It's happened. It's been two days now. Thank you for all your encouraging posts. I'm doing okay right now. I am so happy I went with the drainless TT so I don't have to worry about those freaking drains. I can take a shower tomorrow but that part hasn't really bothered me. I just wish I could do more, kinda boring sitting around.My pain pills are working pretty good, I feel kind of bad asking everyone to do everything for me. My stomach doesn't hurt too bad, just a slight burning.. unless I cough, then that Sh!t hurts like a mother,.I had a quick peek when we changed my dressings its just pretty swollen, I haven't looked at my arms yet. I'm scared to take off the bandages.I will check it out before my shower. I'll also add some preop pics. My binder itches like crazy, but other than that I like having it on.
My lil buddy cats are so confused cause they usually sleep and knead on me and I have to say no.. I feel bad about it cause they don't understand.


glad you are doing well! Which Doc did you go to? I'm in your area and want to talk to a few local doc's as well as ones in the DR...:)
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