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Allergic reaction to Oxy5 acne medicine on acne...

Allergic reaction to Oxy5 acne medicine on acne blemish left a 8mm round indented scar on my cheek. Had collagen injection under the cheek scar an another one indented scratch scar on my forehead. Turned out to be allergic to collagen as whenever I went in the sun for almost two years later the treated area would swell.

A few months after the injection I met a permanent cosmetics professional who needled the scars. You could hear the fibers pop during the treatment and the scars filled with blood but really didn't bleed. Over the next few days I kept squeezing around the treated areas so they didn't collapse downward again. The scars are still there but they are level with the rest of the skin. One of the best things I ever did!

So is the needling permanent, or would you need get needled every 3-4 months or so (similar to fillers)?
Hi lolajess, I've never had to have anything done to it again. I think the scar was bound down and contracted due to the fibrous scar tissue. Once it was released it was pretty much even with the surrounding skin. I would like to say though that the tissue is still different. It is without pigment and shiny. It is scar tissue but it just isn't depressed anymore. In this case, I'm lucky I'm pale, so the lack of color isn't the cosmetic issue it would be for somebody with a darker complexion.
Hi There, It has been a while since I checked in here. Sorry for the delay.

Megan P., I had both the collagen injections and then the needling done about 15 years ago. The needling was done, probably five months after the injections. Since I wound up being allergic to collagen injections, afterward (for about two years) every time I went in the sun the injected area would swell so I looked like I had just been injected.

Matt, the gal who did the needling isn't there anymore. She was probably in her 50's at the time so she probably retired. I would call around to various permanent cosmetic artists to discuss what you need. I'm sure you'll find someone. Make sure they understand what you are talking about. Do you have indented scarring or raised? The treatment would be different depending. There really wasn't any down time, as I was able to use makeup, and I only had three spots treated. I was just so thrilled not to have the dent on my cheek!
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