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Worth Every Penny - Would Do It Again in a Heartbeat!

Pro's - Baby stretched skin is now gone!Stretch...

Pro's - Baby stretched skin is now gone!
Stretch marks are now gone!

Con's - Painful and a very VERY long recovery
Belly button area still has numbness 2 years later

I did it because of excessive saggy skin from pregnancy. I wasn't overweight, just unhappy with the look of all the stretch marks and saggy skin.


This is no picnic to go through but worth EVERY bit of pain. I kept thinking it would be like the 2 c-sections I had previously but it was no where as easy as a c-section. A person definitely needs care for a few days for everything (including help going to the bathroom). Getting up out of bed for the first couple of days requires someone to more get you upright.

It is a very slow recovery. A c-section recovery for me took 4-5 days. This took me a good 2 weeks until I went (slowly) to the store by myself. If you have kids - be sure to have help.

ITA also worth every penny and the little pain. It's great to look down and no pouch.
ITA worth the little pain to look nice in my clothes.
Thanks for letting us know how your surgery and recovery went. Have any before and after pics you could share with us?
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. has excellent bedside manner and is one of the leading Doctors in his field. He is very much a perfectionist so you will receive a tremendous outcome.

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