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Disappointing Results in Upper Lip

I have a very thin uneven upper lip, so I thought...

I have a very thin uneven upper lip, so I thought Juvederm would be exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately it gave me an odd shaped upper lip; almost a duck bill.

Dear Marooon I have the exact ball above the upper lip that you say you have...BUT i am permanently paralyzed on the left side of my smile...do me a favor. Smile in the mirror and let me know if you are seeing a deformity of your smile...i did not notice my deformity until a pic was taken one year after that juvederm injection...i went to a neuro doc and had all the test ...he says i am permanently paralyzed. Please i urge you to email me. I am seeking a facial plastic doc to perform a nerve transplant in my face so i can have a normal smile. I would very much encourage you to see if you NOT only have a ball on the upper lip BUT to smile in the mirror to see if you are also deformed. We need to talk ...the HA dermal fillers are dangerous and i read another blog where a woman has same issue. This needs to be brought to the FDA and i plan on doing so...also i have read over 600 cased have already been reported to the FDA and that was back in 2008. YET they have not pulled Juvederm off the market...i believe a class action suit is in order and i am pursuing this path. please email me we need to talk...best regards Arnene


juviderm in my lips was the most painful situation i have ever had...and im 60,even after the topical ointment(which was left on not long engugh). it worked ok,but i have a bump over my upper lip. by the way,my friend (doctor)uses botox and the cost(his cost)is $129.00 per unit and the charge by most doctors is $500.

You need more than 1 cc syringe injected in a series of visits over 2 weeks. I say that based upon the fee you paid. That is my fee for 1 syringe. From MIAMI
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I think the poor results are due to doctor inexperience.

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