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I had surgery 2 days ago on sept 2nd. I have 2...

I had surgery 2 days ago on sept 2nd. I have 2 pain pumps and 2 drains. The pain pumps are great, currently I am not on any medication. The pain is fine until I stand up, I can't stand up straight and I think that's normal but how long does that last? My back is sore from that. Also how much walking vs. resting should I do?

It's labor day weekend and I don't want to bug my surgeon. I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Today I'm doing much better than yesterday that's for sure! I'll have to take & upload some pics when I get the chance but it looks great so far. I'm just pretty bored being stuck inside on this beautiful weekend! lol

If you want to do this surgery, definitely find a board-certified surgeon who uses 2 pain pumps it makes all the difference.


Thanks Angie, I'm so excited and feeling great about things today. Lunch, shopping, massage, mani/pedi... I'm ready to go! I hope to be posting my post-ops soon! I do remember the itching after my c-sections. Palmers was soothing, but you may be too soon post-op for lotions and creams just yet?? Maybe a heating pad or dry icepack?? Not sure if those are allowed, but I'll ask my Dr in the morning!
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Angie, I'm 5'10" so not quite as tall as you :) I still have to take and upload pics, will do that as soon as I can find my camera lol Sicily35 good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine, I didn't have c-sections so I don't know how this compares with them but I think you'll be surprised at how quickly the body heals. Right now my biggest concern is the itching. I know it's normal and a good sign but I wish it would be done with. Each day it gets better. I didn't have lipo with mine but part of my abdomen is numb so if I were to have had lipo there I wouldn't have felt it if that makes sense. You'll do great, I guess tomorrow is your big day! :)
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congratulations on your progress, sounds like you made it through the weekend just fine. 6 days countdown for me!! My doctors office says their patients end up taking the same amount of by mouth pain meds even with the pain pump. I don't know how much more intense the pain will be than with my c-sections. I tolerated that pain alright. Did you have Lipo along with the TT. I'm most concerned about the lipo pain!! I can't believe the day is almost here!!
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He is the only one at the hospital I went to who uses 2 pain pumps, he puts the incisions in the armpit so they are hidden, and he is a nice guy who is a perfectionist. Good combination for a surgeon, oh and he has a sense of humor too :)

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