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So Worth It for Nasolabial Lines

So worth it!!! I am in my mid 30's and have...

So worth it!!! I am in my mid 30's and have slight annoying nasolabial lines that age me by like 8 years. In a half hour they were gone, and I look way younger.

I've done it twice, and the juvederm lasted way longer than normal. This time around, I only needed a half vial, which was only 250. Swelling was slight and went down almost immediately.

I FULLY recommend it! Just make sure you go to a good, experienced doctor!!!


can you please post pics, i want to get this same thing done in july. i will be 30 and even though i get passed for 22 on a good day i hate the lines! thanks.
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We are the same age. I used this Pretika "Light Sonic Pulsating Technology" to help with acne scars and dermatitis flare-ups. This product claims to get rid of wrinkles--it created one! On the left side of my face, I had a deeper nasolabial/marionette line than on my right side (I didn't use the light technology on that side of my face; barely any line of my right side). I just got a Juvederm treatment today. My doctor said that he can't give someone half of a vial for infections control/hygienic reasons. You're lucky that you only have to purchase half of a vial--so much cheaper! I'm glad that your injections have lasted for so long! Hope mine will too!
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Sure wish my results were as long lasting-plan to try a thicker filler next time. Glad you are pleased :)
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Dr. Jack Norris

Not only is he a great guy, but he is SO good! Very talented! I was so happy with him and my results. I would recommend him fully anyday!

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