Dysport is Great but Beware of Doctors Who Charge "By the Area"

Dysport is great. I had Botox and Dysport...

Dysport is great. I had Botox and Dysport injected in different areas at the same time. The Dysport worked so much faster. I liked that because most doctors will only give you a 'touch up' for about 2 weeks after injections. So with Botox, sometimes I wasn't sure if the Botox was bad, or the doctor didn't inject me properly or if enough time had not elasped. This isn't a problem with Dysport because you know within about 5 days (max) if and where it's going to work.

I live in Miami and the one thing I cannot STAND about Miami is that all of the doctors here want to inject you 'by the area' which is a complete rip off. Having had botox injections for the past 18 months, I know EXACTLY how much and where it needs to go. So, to charge me $250 dollars for my eyes when I know they are only using 12 units (6 on each side) is just wrong. If ANYONE knows of a med spa or doctor who will charge by the unit please post here!!

$4.50 per UNIT: columbia, South carolina
Hi, Dr Douglas Dedo in Palm Beach Gardens charges by the unit and he is fabulous! Check out his website (don't know it off-hand) and give him a call. I've had Botox and Dysport from him and I love it! PLus, he runs specials fom time to time and has some great parties at his office with samples and such. Hope it helps :)
I just had twoo surringes of dysport and one of a dermafiller. My Doc. charged by the cc. and is actually running a package for injections. The cost was high but this was my first time w/injections. It's melting the time away hourly. His name is Dr. Hunstad and he is located in NC. His skills are well worth the travel. He has been my p.surgeon for well over a year and is by far the best (my opinion).
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I would not recommend my doctor only because I know she charged me for about 55-60 units but only used about half that.

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