Getting Full Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation - Hopkinsville, KY

I have 2 boys now 5 and almost 3. My stomach...

I have 2 boys now 5 and almost 3. My stomach muscles separated with my first which i carried very low, I had to wear a stomach support to work with my second pregnancy d/t lack of support. I have quite a bit of lose skin and also breast are empty from pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was told that a possible good choice to refill the upper pole area would be the hp saline implant (380 cc?). I do not want to get a lift at this time, but maybe when I am older. I have read different things on saline or silicone being better to fill out this area without a lift, I do not think my sag is too bad? I am trying to figure out which I would be happier with and what size. I would like to go from 36B to a D I think, I have a larger frame I am 5'4 but have a curvy hip and bottom area. Also, I plan to travel back to where we lived near our old army base for the procedure because I had friends who went there, and it is much cheaper in tn/ky than ny. I will be able to take just 2 paid weeks off for vacation and then will go back to work as LPN, on feet doing med pass, but can take periodic breaks to sit.


What kind of financing does he do? You look great! Happy, healthy healing!
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Dr. valentini
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Looks great! Who did yours?
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