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Filler Under Eyes VS Lower Blepharoplasty - Kentucky, KY

I am a 32 year old female and looking for the best...

I am a 32 year old female and looking for the best treatment for under eye hollows/wrinkles. About a month ago I had my first Dysport injections into the forehead and temples. Those injections actually helped with my crows feet, but I still felt the majority of my problems were under my eyes, so I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss fillers. To my surprise, she actually recommended a lower blepharoplasty instead of fillers. With my work schedule, surgery really isn't an option. Is there ANY filler that will treat under eye hollows/wrinkles? If so, is it better to inject them into the cheeks or tear troughs?

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Whoops posted I was not finished Dr Scheiner has a page explaining why not to do lower eyelid sx without addressing a festoon also
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I would do research on festoons and treatments, co2 laser surgery done at Tampa eye clinic looks like easy good results, I would stay away from excision of festoon or fillers , on dr Adam schei
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Hi JRFemale. I would do some research on fat transposition. It's basically where they take fat from the herniating bag and drape it over the orbital bone, essentially filling the tear trough hollow. I would be careful removing any fat because your instinct about hollowness may be spot on. And fillers can open up their own can of worms.
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I have this same problem. It would be nice if some docs would weigh in here. I'm concerned that removing the fat pads with a lower bleph will fix the problem short term, but as I age, will make even more hollow appearance under eyes, as I have seen happen with a few of my mom's friends. I already wasted over 1000.00 on Belotero in tear troughs with NO improvement whatsoever. What about fat transfer here?
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