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I was wait listed back in Sept. 2012 through my...

I was wait listed back in Sept. 2012 through my provider and I was due to have surgery in 9 months. Well they called 03/11/2013 and asked that I come in for surgery 03/15/2013 and has since been pushed back to 03/19, I'm having anxiety if I'm making the right decision I"m 25 with 44 G and have no children.

Welcome to the community.  How are you doing this week??

Hi Kimmers25, today makes it a week since the surgery, for some reason I can relax my shoulders enough for my arms to stay down by my sides. Everything is very tight and my nipples are super sensitive, don't let me get cold or it's feels like I stuck them in a freezer. I'm sleeping though the night for the most part. It is uncomfortable sleeping on my back, barely any brusing and I ice my chest about 4 times a day. Today I've only done it once since I've been cold most of the day. How ever my drains came out the following day per my surgeon. I am having a hard to accepting what I look like and I've gotten depressed a lot since my surgery I didn't expect it to look like this. I feel that I look more on the boyish side now. I would recommend people to really think it through before having it done, it does change everything about yourself. I have stitches and glue upon them not sure what my surgeon did but I feel like I look like Frankenstein right now. I will update Thursday after seeing the surgeon for my follow up, due to me not being able to relax my shoulder I'm unable to drive since I'm so tense.

Everything you just described sounds completely normal.  You will be hyper sensitive, sore, bruised and a little down in the dumps.   Give it some time and I know you will feel better.  You will naturally be tired, and a little down for a while.  

After having such a large chest you will naturally feel so small in the beginning.  Once you are healed you will love the lighter feel an perky look.  

Let me know what the doctor says..

Dr. Chang

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