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So i have talked to 2 offices and seen one. I am...

So i have talked to 2 offices and seen one. I am looking to do smart lipo on my upper and lower abs, along with flanks as the office is running a special. first appointment was with a well known doctor, however I saw the sale person. The next place, as soon as they found out I had stretch marks and kids told me I needed a tummy tuck. the nurse over the phone was nice and said she had been in lots of appointments with the doctor and this is what he tells the patients... She also said wait if i might have more kids for a tummy tuck, but that she didn't want me to waste my money on lipo to have wrinkly skin..

So also mention that some of these other offices could be showing picture of people who have never had kids. now I am just sad/ I am 5'5 165 and had been excited about getting this done in the next 3 week, but the $5000 is a lot not to get a great result.. So my question is , has anyone with a stomach pouch had this done and been sucessful, as now I am worry about doing this period. I don't make a lot and have saved for a while. I would be devastated if my $5000 went to waist

i still find my tummy is better after lipo and hope on the 30th when i get my touch up it will be even better. if i could of afford the money and down time i would of gotten a tummy tuck but im much happier then before for sure!
i have two kids and i have loose skin after smart lipo but i still have it worth it!
so your stomach is better than before the lipo. I am still debating if I should try to loose more weight
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