Drying and Expensive - Katy, TX

To improve my tone and texture I was given tons of...

To improve my tone and texture I was given tons of sample of Retin-A (purple tube). I have sensitive skin, but could tolerate it 2x daily. I thought: this is going to be GREAT. WRONG. Living in southeast Texas, our weather is pretty humid. I was drying out around my nose and mouth (I usually have blemishes here). I looked like a 4 year old who forgot to wipe the milk mustache off and dipped my nose in the glass! I thought this was just cells turning over.

I took a trip up north. Stayed a week. My face was so parched. Talked to the doctor and he said keep using it, since your skin tolerates it. Youll see improvement. Yeah. Improvement on dry, flaky skin. Because of the dried out skin: my face was as dull as could be. I did some research and listed to Doctor Oz. Best thing I could do for my skin that promoted cell turnover and luminosity was an over the counter product called vitamin C.

I went to my line of products: Cosmedix and ordered their powder. In the meantime, I talked to my PS. He told me I could try a peel. I asked him about pure ascorbic acid (vitamin c in the purest form) and his eyes lit up. He told me he was proud of me for doing my homework. The best part: a big bottle usually found at health food stores or health section of local grocery stores have giant bottles of the stuff, running about 10 bucks. After 2 mos of using it, I got a compliment from a person at Chanel asking me what I used on my face, because it was bright and beautiful. I told her and she was floored.

I sprinkle a VERY tiny amount and dilute it with a spray toner. Any works. I sometimes need extra moisture during winter and just mix in with my moisturizer. 1 bottle will last over a year. Fights wrinkles. improves tone and texture. Amazing cell turnover. And it's available without an RX. SOLD.

I did. Dropped down to once daily. Once every two days. Every 3rd day. Then gave up.

Yeah, I ended up giving up on it too. Had to ask though, just to see. :)


I'm so glad that you have found something that is working so well for you and that your skin is looking fantastic from it!!

Since you mentioned you were applying the Retin-A twice a day, I have to ask, did you try cutting back the amount of use? I've always heard it should be applied once a day max, and that a lot of people have to apply it every other day or even every 3rd day to see the best results.

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