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I purchased the Jessner through my facialist. She...

I purchased the Jessner through my facialist. She gave me a "hook up". She explained how to use it. I was good to go. I had a photoshoot with a friend due in a few weeks and thought this would be great to do beforehand. WRONG. I had MAJOR peeling. It stings like the dickens.

I had so much heavy peeling. it works. My skin looked great. I applied Aquaphor daily to keep myself from ripping off large chunks of skin (this is a no-no). I no longer use it as a peel, since I use ascorbic acid (vitamin C powder). It gently turns cells and is easy to use. No peeling. No downtime. No stinging.

I do however use the Jessner with a Q-tip and apply it direct on those nasty under skin zits. Brings them up fast or gets rid of them completely.

That is awesome that you are able to use the Jessner as a spot treatment. I tend to use rubbing alcohol on those really deep pimples, and that probably isn't my best choice. How long does it usually take for the blemish to go away after you Jessner it? It takes about 1.5 days after I alcohol it, then there is usually a bit of red hyperpigmentation that lasts a week or so.

It comes to a head within an hour. I can make an extraction easier. After doing so, I too am red for 3 days or so. For one beneath the skin, Jessner doesn't bring them up but rather dries them up. Bit three is peeling no matter the use. I uses to use alcohol too. Then my mom turned me onto witch hazel.

I've tried witch hazel over the years but have never had great results with it. My sister loves the stuff.

That is pretty amazing that it comes to a head within an hour...think I might have to look into getting some to try!

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My facialist uses this peel. It was recommended to me for several uses.

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