After Treatment I Was Still Hairy... Down There! - Katy, TX

One of my friends had it done on her fine, dark...

One of my friends had it done on her fine, dark facial hair and never regretted doing it. Another did her bikini line and told me not to shave before the appointment. WRONG. I got to their office. I was told to go home and shave, and book another appt or I could shave with their cheap-o razor. I have very coarse hair. If I shave tonight, by tomorrow night I have stubble. I went ahead and butchered myself in the office.

She did the treatment. Felt like heat and zapping, but it was bearable. Smelled like burning hair. SO, I waited the 3 mos as directed by the office. No slowing of growth. Did the 2nd treatment. Nada. After paying for the sessions (I can't remember how many were included) the "specialist" decides to tell me that my hair may grow a LITTLE slower, but won't be "GONE FOR GOOD" She told me I was better off waxing.

This only gives me about 3 days of smooth. And honestly the worst part of shaving for me was the "bumps" and itching as my hair grew back along with toilet paper boogers left behind. NOT attractive. So, they got my money, and I have my hair. To stay bare I just grin. And shave. Constantly.

You need to learn more about how laser hair removal works. Go to LRH sites and read their faq section. The hair is not growing back, it's growing out, will fall out and then more will come that haven't been treated, etc. The total treatment will take about 8 months, then provided you have been treated with a real laser and not IPL, the hair will be reduced about 75-85% forever. Brazilian can take up to 8-10 treatments, not 6 like other areas.
check to see if they are using real laser or IPL, b/c if they are using IPL, stop going, it's a waste of your time and pain.
You won't see any difference with only 2 laser treatments. A minimum of 3 treatments is needed to see a minor reduction in hair. Rarely can one get 80% reduction with 3 treatments, but the settings need to be maxed out for your skin type and this causes quite a bit of pain and possible undesirable side-effects. You need the recommended 6-8 treatments to see the reduction your looking for.
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I chose this provider by community magazine that was close to my home. No instructions were given before the appointment. Had me basically dry shave at their office, and while I was drying off, they opened the door without knocking, exposing me to all the office staff. Plus, they took all of the money up front and of course, there are no refunds.

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