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High Lateral Tummy Tuck.........

I felt fat and ugly after the baby, had loose skin...

i felt fat and ugly after the baby, had loose skin wanted to get rid ofit, the doc said the best treatment was high lateral tummy tuck......but suddenly im big on my top thighs.........

hi, i had a high lateral tummy tuck three months ago, i seem to be recovering alright everywhere but something seems to have happened to my thighs.....they are bigger and the sides seems really bigs, when i press them they hurt it feels like swelling or i have suddenly gained weight on top of my thighs......im confused and worried coz now my body looks as if its in two different parts.....big buldging thighs......plz help and tell me if its fat or swelling ,whatcan i do for it???
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Thank you for answering this, I thought the same although I showed it to someone,She said exercise should be able to resolve....................... atleast I know it will go!!! I was worried that it might not............
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you must exercise, walking around, atleast 30 min a day. if you gain weight it will go southl. drinking alot of water will help with the swelling. your body needs water to heal. eating very healthy will also contribute to your healing process. you had major trauma to your body by doing a tummytuck and you must help yourself with healthy eating,sleeping, and exercise activity. you may want to consider massage therapy.

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they say the swelling goes south!
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